This is my f6 fat lADY  

Listen to the fat lady sing!

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98 white goldwing
Harley heritage and rider
F6 tourer
F6 Interstate
F6 tourer
F6 trike
F6 trike


Where do I start? I've got it bad man! The first time I saw one I knew I had to have one for my self. I told  my harley buddies I'm selling the softtail and buiyng a Honda. They said your trippin man, as soon as you get the charging system fixed you'll feel better. I told them its not just that, I'm still pretty young, and I have a need for speed. They tried to intervene, and I acted like I was listening, but as soon as they turned their backs I went ahead and did it anyways. Now they don't speak to me anymore. They say cruel things about the decisions I've made. But I don't care! I try to stay away from it, and do the right thing for my wife and kids. But I can't help my self. I'm always hiding in the corner of my garage, cleaning and waxing until my fingers bleed. I spend all my money on chrome. And when I don"t have any more money I sell some of my other toys so I can buy more chrome. And now I want pipes, not just any but the really expensive 1200.00 ones. I don't have the money but I'll get it! Cause I want more! Yeah more power, more chrome, better tires, custom paint! and my old friends, they can get lost, cause I don't need them anymore. And I don't have a problem. I can stop any time I want to. I just don't want to! Thats all.

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